Hi, I’m Bartek Rozbicki. I often joke that my name consists of two parts: Bar (I like to socialize with different people – sometimes at the bar) and Tek (as I’m interested in technology). I think of myself as a missing link between technology, empathy and human experience. I do believe those things need to coexist.

I’m also an entrepreneur, speaker, and co-founder of Ars Thanea: world-known CGI creative production studio: For years I have also led a game development studio ATGames. So my experience is in-between technology, creative and entertainment.

Presently I work as a Group XR Director in WPP’s company SYZYGY.
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Part of the materials I’m using on this blog is made by my colleague and friend: Kai Horlbeck. Kai is also a devoted gamer and a big fan of all kind of technology. He is also an environment light designer and was lucky enough to be established in the same year as Apple 2 computer. A good vintage for the world.

Materials on the blog are expressions of my own personal thoughts and beliefs. Enjoy.