How to prepare my business for the future? 5 tips.

We all know that XR is coming for a broader audience. What can we do about it?

Those are the questions I hear a lot during the conferences or meetups with different people so I decided to write a short 5 TIPS for anyone wanted to be prepared.

1. Build your XR strategy

This is critical. What is the unique value that we want to show in the augmented world? How do you make the first small steps in AR to be able to create and answer our clients’ future needs? How do we, as a company and brand, fit into this new order? Take some time to devise a strategy for the future now, so that you don’t have to worry later. Rushed decisions can take a toll on your strategy and execution. You can take part in XR workshops to help you identify your unique XR path.

2. Analyse customer behaviours

One size does not fit all. For some, XR will be a game-changer leading to more conversions, sales, and profits. For some, presenting an offer in a specific location will be a necessity to survive. Some will use this technology as a remarkable marketing experience to build brand awareness. Poorly executed or analyzed strategies might not work or backfire. You know your product best – think what value XR will bring to the table and how can it help your customers.

3. Make sure to learn on the mistakes of others, not only your own.

Hire an agency or people with ample experience – both from a business and tech perspective. Look carefully, get recommendations since there are plenty of people who will sell you a gimmick or toy.

1. Make space for new job positions

Sounds weird now, isn’t it? XR Strategy Manager? Augmented Marketing Specialist? XR/UX Designer? XR Analyst? Just like social media experts, who weren’t around until social media emerged as a global phenomenon, we will soon be training people to design seamless XR experiences, tracking their conversion, performance and improving overall XR satisfaction. Don’t start hiring before you know what you’re doing, but make sure you have someone who can advise you and be ready.
Even if it feels to much now – talk to your people responsible for digital field to explore the opportunities and educate themself.

5. Don’t close your eyes and stay in your comfort zone.

We live in the future already. There is no better moment to act. XR is already use heavily in so many sectors like: real-estates, trainings, medicine, marketing, events organisation, film industry. Don’t fall behind. Now it’s the time to act.

Written by
Bartek Rozbicki
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