Why this blog?

The man who is looking at you from the photo is Hugo Gernsback (1884–1967). He is The Father of Science Fiction and was the editor and publisher of Amazing Stories. He is also wearing the prototype of 3D TV glasses which he invented in the 1963 year.

Why I’m telling you this? Cause it’s very important to remember how fast we are evolving in the 20/21 century. And right now, it’s a rollercoaster with the speed of light. So I truly believe we should have an open debate on important topics about the future. Right now there are few people who can embrace the complexity of the world. For sure I’m not one of these people, but I like to connect the dots.

We are evolving technology and technology is evolving us. We must realize this fact. It’s changing our behaviour patterns, the way we live, connect, feel, exists. We need to start to think now ahead for future generations.

In this blog, I will talk both about: the bright and the dark side of technologies with a special focus on Extended Reality (XR). I would love to hear back from you in the comments or contact me directly.

Thank you for staying with me. I have a lot of Amazing Stories to tell.

Amazing Stories Magazine. Published by Hugo Gernsback

Bartek Rozbicki