Julie Smithson / MetaVRse
Julie Smithson / MetaVRse

The Future of Education: a podcast with Julie Smithson

We are on our path to democratise education and have education accessible from anywhere. Really this is the goal that should be for all humankind.

Julie Smithson

I had an opportunity and pleasure to talk with Julie Smithson, Chief Learning Officer at MetaVRse.com. She is one of the most active people in the education field and we have an interesting conversation on the Future of Education (30 min).

Topics we covered:

  1. Web 3D engine developed by MetaVRse for education purposes
  2. What should we teach our kids in next years in the age of AI, machine learning, robotics and XR
  3. Do we believe XR is the next step in our communication and will replace video calls?
  4. What are the biggest advantages of XR over traditional ways of learning?
  5. How to get interest from governments and change the way we educate on a high level?


Enjoy! More podcast coming soon.

Written by
Bartek Rozbicki
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