Virtual Reality in RealEstate. Whitepaper.

I must admit real-estate is one of the sectors of the market I really believe that the use of Virtual Reality is disrupting the business. In my article: Virtual Reality is changing the face of real estate I have covered the most important questions, why is that happening. As a next step, I prepared a whitepaper summarizing our experiences with the use of this technology.

What you will find inside?

  1. A Window into the future – a bit of introduction for everyone who is not familiar with the technology.
  2. The psychology of sales – why VR is making people more confident they will get what they want.
  3. Three Ingredients of Success – which I believe are mandatory to achieve good experience in VR.
  4. Case Study for Danwood SA. – Leading real estate developer in Europe.

If you are interested in reading the whole whitepaper (FREE) please send me an email at

Written by
Bartek Rozbicki
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